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Refinance with Cash Out

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Understanding cash out refinance loans

Obtaining a cash out refinance loan means applying for a new loan to pay off an existing loan on a vehicle or home and receiving cash after it is repaid.1

You may seek a vehicle cash out refinance loan to:

  • Change your auto loan terms
  • Access cash
  • Restructure (consolidate) other credit accounts

Cash out refinance fact:

Customers who refinanced their vehicle loans with Wells Fargo received $5,4892 or more cash out.

Refinance Loan terms

Specify the cash out refinance term that best suits your budget. Shorter loan terms mean fewer monthly payments on your vehicle. For a break in your monthly expenses, extend the cash out refinance loan term for a lower monthly payment.

Pay less interest

Vehicle refinance loans with lower APRs mean paying less overall interest if the repayment terms decrease or remain unchanged.

Manage fewer accounts

Combine other accounts into an auto cash out refinance loan and pay fewer monthly bills. Then, make your vehical cash out refinance loan payment online to spend less time managing your expenses.

Depend on consistent payments

A fixed-rate vehicle refinance loan means the same payment amount each month.

Take a pause in your payment cycle

With a cash out refinance auto loan, you may be able to skip the next month's payment3, depending on the next auto loan payment due date and when you close the cash out refinance loan.

Consider a cash out refinance

A cash out refinance on your vehicle may be right if:

  • you want a lower monthly auto loan payment or rate
  • you qualify for better terms than when you originally financed your vehicle
  • your expenses have increased, and you could benefit from a lower monthly payment
  • you rent or have already accessed available equity from your home

For an auto loan assessment, submit your information and apply for a cash out refinance online or call 1-866-452-3413.

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1 Wells Fargo Auto Finance does not make loans for educational purposes. If you need funds for educational purposes, please call Wells Fargo Educational Services at 1-800-658-3567.

2Granting of loan is subject to our credit requirements. The $5,489 figure is based on customers who refinanced their loans with Wells Fargo during the period from April 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

3 The proceeds from your new loan with us would be used to make your final loan payment with your current auto loan creditor.

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