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A refinance option: Whether you'd like to lower your monthly payments or need extra money, you may want to consider refinancing your auto loan with Wells Fargo. Refinancing may reduce your monthly car loan payment by lowering your rate, extending your loan term, or both. (If you extend your loan term, you may pay more interest over the life of the loan.)

By refinancing with Wells Fargo, you can always count on:
  • Flexible refinancing options
  • A simple application process and fast credit decisions
A debt consolidation option: Borrowing against your car's value could let you combine some or all of your personal debt into a single auto loan, allowing you to potentially:
  • Lower your monthly payments overall
  • Pay less interest over time
  • Pay down some or all of your outstanding debt
Get the money you may need: Sometimes when the unexpected need is there, the money isn't. Consider the reasons why tapping into your vehicle's value may be right for you.
  • Secured debt typically offers lower rates than some unsecured debt — access funds for unexpected expenses or a major purchase

Keep in mind when consolidating unsecured debt or borrowing funds for other reasons, you'll be securing the loan with your car.

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