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Auto Refinance Calculator

Auto Loan
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Have you paid your current auto loan down and are interested in refinancing your loan? If your auto refinance loan is approved and your present loan is rewritten, you could enjoy these and other advantages:

  • Get a fresh start with payment relief.
  • Possibly lower your monthly auto loan payment.
  • Get extra cash to pay off other bills.1

Use the auto refinance calculator below to determine your approximate monthly payment if you refinance your existing car loan.2

Auto refinance calculator


Your approximate monthly payment is $

Auto Loan Annual Percentage Rates Begin At:3

Auto Loan Refinance 4.12%
New Auto Purchase (Dealer) 2.99%
Used Auto Purchase (Dealer) 4.39%
Used Auto Purchase (Private Party) 5.73%
APRs assume excellent credit. We expect 15% of those customers with excellent credit to have their average rate to be the rate disclosed above (for example 4.12% APR for the auto loan refinance product). Your actual APR will be determined when a credit decision is made and may be higher than the rates published. Rates are current as of 4/30/2013 and are subject to change without notice. Auto loans are not available in Louisiana.

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1 Wells Fargo Auto Finance does not make loans for educational purposes. Please call Wells Fargo Education Financial Services at 1-800-658-3567 if any portion of the proceeds is to be used for educational purposes, or to refinance/consolidate any loan you incurred for such purposes.

2 Actual approximate monthly payment may vary upon final credit verification. We have provided this calculator solely as a convenient tool for you to estimate payments based on your assumptions for term, rate, fees and amount. Your actual payments may differ from the payments provided by this calculator as a result of using different loan terms, rates, fees or amounts based on our pricing and underwriting policies and procedures. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provided by this calculator, and we have no obligation to match your terms to the terms provided by this calculator. Minimum loan amount is $5,000.

3Customers can maximize their chances of obtaining the lowest possible rate by having a entitling you to a discount. Qualifying account relationships must exist at least 30 days prior to application in order to obtain available discounts. Auto loans are not available in Louisiana.

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