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Auto Refinance

Refinance your auto loan & lower your monthly payments

Auto Loan
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Your car could be your pride and joy, or it could just be a means of transportation. Whatever the value, use your auto to get one step further down your financial path with an auto loan refinance.

With flexible and convenient auto loan refinance options from Wells Fargo, you could use your car as a tool to get extra cash, put more breathing room into your budget or consolidate monthly bills.1

Whatever your needs, Wells Fargo may be able to help refinance your car loan.

Customers with a Wells Fargo auto loan refinance received $5,4892 or more cash out!

We know you have many choices when it comes to your auto refinancing. Join the tens of thousands of customers who trust Wells Fargo for their car refinance needs.

You'll see why a commitment to service and a wide range of products make all the difference when thinking about a car refinance loan.

We offer solutions including:


How do I take advantage of the car loan refinancing solutions available from Wells Fargo?
Call 1-866-452-3413 or visit your local Wells Fargo store for your evaluation.

Once approved for an auto loan refinance, how long will it take to close my loan?
When it comes to finances, we know time is of the essence. That's why some approved customers close their car refinance loans the same day they apply.

When would my next car refinance payment be due?
Depending on when you refinance with us and when your next auto loan payment is due, you may be able to skip next month's auto loan payment. *

Restructure your bills with an auto loan refinance

Extra fees and large monthly expenses can hurt when you′re strapped for cash. You can use the power of your auto with a car refinance loan to roll your bills into one, easy-to-manage payment and pay off higher interest rate balances.

Make your life simpler with fewer checks to write each month and spend less time balancing your budget.

Auto Loan Refinance
See footnote 3 below

Refinance your car loan term

When you refinance your car with Wells Fargo you could improve the terms of your auto loan.

By reducing the term of your car loan, you could decrease the amount of interest you pay overall. Or maybe you want to lower your monthly payments. The options are yours.

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1 Wells Fargo Auto Finance does not make loans for educational purposes. Please call Wells Fargo Education Financial Services at 1-800-658-3567 if any portion of the proceeds is to be used for educational purposes, or to refinance/consolidate any loan you incurred for such purposes.

2Granting of loan is subject to our credit requirements. The $5,489 figure is based on customers who refinanced their loans with Wells Fargo during the period from April 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

3 Wells Fargo auto bill consolidation terms. Auto loan balance = $18,000. 12.9% APR. 60 month term. This is only an example of how relying on a vehicle to consolidate bills could help reduce monthly payment.

* The proceeds from your new loan with us would be used to make your final loan payment with your current auto loan creditor. First Payment Period. Because the first monthly payment on your new car loan will be due 30 to 45 days after the closing date, and the closing date will be 0 to 30 days after the most recent monthly due date of your existing car loan, you will not have a scheduled monthly payment due for 30 to 75 days. The actual number of days you will not have a scheduled monthly payment due will vary depending on the terms or your existing loan and applicable state law.

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